How Many Trendy Rings is Too Many?

Trendy rings frog ringHaving too much of something isn’t really visually appealing, especially when all of your fingers are loaded with rings (though fortune tellers are an exception). But when it comes to wearing trendy rings you should know what kind to wear and what size looks good on your fingers.

Some people may think of rings as just simple accessories that symbolizes commitment. But rings are more than that. They can also portray the attitude and mood of the person wearing them. It is advisable that you invest on your accessories because you can create multiple looks by mixing and matching them. But let’s just focus on how you should wear your rings and how many should you have. Continue reading

Getting Ready for March Madness

Trendy bracelets are seen worn by most women, may it be for a traditional, cultural, or just for fashion purposes. It is one of the most popular choices and there are also lots of kinds and variety choose from ranging from those made from precious metals and gemstones to just affordable imitations yet are still fashionable. Bracelets are versatile accessories.

You can wear them at any event and even on normal casual days. They can also be worn even when you go watch a sports event. There is really no limit when wearing a bracelet, even when you are working in a conservative industry. You can still wear a simple bracelet which might have been a memento or a gift from a loved one you always want to be near you. Continue reading

Best Times for Trendy Rings

Celebrity Trendy Crystal Knuckle Stretch Ring

Celebrity Trendy Crystal Knuckle Stretch Ring

Trendy rings are often one of the popular choices when it comes to accessories. Traditionally worn as a symbol for an event or a commitment, rings are still worn for that reason nowadays, but they have more uses than that. New designs and styles match with different colors can now be seen worn by both men and women, whether it may be for formal or casual days. However, there are certain events and occasions where trendy rings should be worn. But what exactly are trendy rings? Check the latest fashion magazines and websites to keep yourself updated. Not everything that is sold in stores can be considered trendy and fashionable. So keep your collection updated and invest more on accessories. Continue reading

Baby Earrings — To Pierce or Not to Pierce?

Sterling Silver 7mm CZ Stud EarringsThere are parents who want to have their baby’s ears pierced while still young. Other than wanting their baby to wear trendy earrings, they also want them to forget the pain of having their ears pierced by the time they grow up. Baby earrings are part of the culture of some Latino cultures, therefore baby girls who are born in their families do really have to get ear piercings while they are still young.

But for American families there are some concerns regarding this issue. When most girls really do have piercings when they grow up, as infants there are concerns as to whether piercings is safe for them at a very young age. As responsible parents, you should know what are the advantages and possible risks of having your baby’s ears pierced at a very young age. Continue reading

How to Dress Professionally With Trendy Jewelry

Trendy braceletsDressing professionally while keeping yourself updated with the latest trend is really a challenge. It even gets more difficult to fashionably dress up when you are working in a conservative industry just like in banking, accounting and finance industries. Most people would think that dressing professionally is only suitable for those who are working in the office.

Yet some would disagree and say that dressing professionally means dressing appropriately and according to your line of profession. Dressing professionally while keeping up with the latest trend in accessories won’t be a problem for those people who are working in the fashion industry just like in fashion magazines and networks. But for people who wear corporate and business attire to the office, wearing of trendy jewelry is limited. Continue reading

Trendy Jewelry You Wanted for Valentine’s Day (And Can Get Now!)

Jasmine Beaded Gemstone Skull Stretch Bracelet

When Valentine’s Day comes a-knockin’, there will be a number of things that will come to mind when talking about the perfect gift. But let’s face it, when you want to please a woman, there is only one sure way to go: give her jewelry. There is nothing more flattering and pleasing to a lady when she is lavished with an elegant trinket. The sophistication and simplicity jewelry is possesses makes it the most viable option if you are aiming to put a big gratifying smile on your lady love’s lips as you place that silver necklace around her neck or when you attach that heart bracelet around her wrist. Make your Valentine’s Day special. Buy her trendy jewelry? Continue reading

What Trendy Jewelry Will You Be Wearing This Spring?

One of the colors we’re most excited about for Spring 2013 is dusk blue — such a refreshing color! As the days get warmer, your trendy jewelry stays cool in this shade. Hard to say no to!

What colors are you looking forward to donning this spring? When it’s finally time to put away your winter clothes and break out the dresses and skirts, you can be prepared with the top trendy jewelry picks of the season.

These blue teardrop trendy earrings ($15) are a great example — bright and brilliant blue, these will certainly make your spring time perky. Inlaid in gold tone, the stones are acrylic and will stand up to the suns rays and a little spring rain as well. The teardrop is a classic look that never goes out of style, so look forward to wearing these again and again.

Celebrity Trendy Blue Teardrop Stone Earrings

Celebrity Trendy Blue Teardrop Stone Earrings

Continue reading

How Much Gold is in Your Trendy Jewelry?

Celebrity Trendy Black Tribal Design Earrings

Celebrity Trendy Black Tribal Design Earrings

Jewelry is considered a luxury on some levels but add the word “gold” and it definitely is. It seems that the prevailing notion expresses that the more gold in a piece of jewelry, the more expensive it is. It is indeed true.

Since ancient times, most adornments were made of gold. In the past and even now, gold jewelry is worn by nobility in abundance. It is because of this that the reputation of golden jewelry has reached its superior reputation in the world of fashion. Gold now equals wealth and it is more commendable for people who try hard to attain a lofty status to acquire ornamentation made of the most coveted material in the world. Continue reading

Is It Springtime Yet? Celebrity Trendy Picks to Brighten Gloomy Days

Celebrity Trendy Braided Cross Wrap Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Braided Cross Wrap Bracelet

Trying to look your best is a quality that is hardwired into every girl out there. There is something about feeling good about yourself and the contentment that comes with it and how it affects your entire day. And what better way to beautify yourself with than the wide range selection of celebrity trendy jewelry out there?

Take your pick from this vast collection of fashionable and artsy pieces of jewelry: Continue reading

What to Do with Outdated Trendy Jewelry

Celebrity Trendy Wide Leather Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Wide Leather Bracelet

Fads. They make the world go round or so they say. One moment, they release the hottest collections of trendy jewelry, you buy them and then the next moment, before you even know it, what’s in your hands is so yesterday. Don’t worry. Just take comfort in the fact that almost everyone has experienced that “phenomenon.” Continue reading