Trendy Bracelets to Prepare for Fashion Fall 2012

Whenever the Milan Fashion Week for the fall season hits, I always feel like it’s too soon to even be thinking about fall. I’ve hardly recovered from Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are both right around the corner. It’s sometimes hard to feel like you have a break in between, but the fashion differences between each show are often not too radically different. So no matter what trendy bracelets you find fashionable for the spring and summer of this year, many of them will see be able to make an appearance come fall.

Fashions seem to be leaning toward pairing brightly colored trendy bracelets with an outfit that is based in a solid neutral color like black or khaki, often with a trendy accessory to match your bangle. Many on the street at Milan Fashion Week and on the runway were taking up this sort of flourish for their wardrobe.

But you don’t have to spend a fortune on filling up your trendy jewelry box. There are plenty of affordable trendy jewelry options for you to choose from, and if you stick to neutral colors like many are this year, you will be able to match your jewelry to almost any of them.

What kind of jewelry works best for this upcoming fall? We have a few suggestions that will go easy on your pocket but still improve your look.

Celebrity Trendy Turqoise beaded Leather Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Turquoise Beaded Leather Bracelet

The mixture of colors in the beaded leather bracelet above really makes the turquoise color pop, and would be perfect to wear with a brown blouse and jeans.

Celebrity Trendy Leather Chain Wrap Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Leather Chain Wrap Bracelet

Gold is still a popular color for the upcoming year. If you plan on adding color with one of your other accessories, like a colorful sheer jacket, black and gold is still a great combo.

Celebrity Trendy Howlite Beaded Cord Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Howlite Beaded Cord Bracelet

The colors on the trendy bracelet above make it easy to match with black blouses and skirts.

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