Wearing Your Trendy Rings While Washing Your Hands = More Germs!

Ever see those signs in public bathrooms reminding employees to wash their hands? They seem to be required in most places in the U.S., and it is amazing what a little hand washing can do to reduce the spread of disease and infection.

Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Stretch Ring

Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Stretch Ring

What does this have to do with trendy rings? Mainly, that a study found that those who wash their hands while keeping on their trendy rings had 10 times as many germs and organisms than those who were not wearing any rings. Ugh. And the test subjects were nurses, who know how to wash their hands professionally!

What is particularly gross is after washing your hands, seeing what spots you missed with the help of the latest light-scanning technology. This can be used to show nurses where they need to focus better when washing, and it turns out taking off rings is crucial.

Especially if you are about to handle food or children, take off your ring to wash your hands and lightly wash your ring with soap and water if necessary. Most metals and stones can be washed with soap and water — just don’t use overly chemical or harsh soaps to wash your trendy jewelry.

Jewelry that you wear regularly should be washed on a somewhat regular basis as well. We’ve gone over how to clean a number of trendy jewelry types, including:

Let us know if you’d like any other tips for cleaning and caring for specific types of jewelry!

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