Unusual Rings Shape Your Fingers Uniquely

Even when following the fashion trends, men and women still search for their own sense of style – just a small piece of their total ensemble that makes them unique while remaining stylish. That sense of personal style is simple to set with a few creative jewelry pieces and Envious Gems has a few pieces that will fill that need.

Jewelry pieces truly stand out when they oppose the norm – not just a regular bracelet or ring.

What makes jewelry stand out?

  • Celebrity Trendy Crystal Knuckle Stretch Ring in gold tone at Envious Gems

    Celebrity Trendy Crystal Knuckle Stretch Ring

    Changing the traditional shape of standard accessories is a simple and effective way to make any piece stand out. The unusual rings resting on your fingers will be the highlight of conversation. A perfect example is this Crystal Knuckle Ring that has a filigree design on the top and bottom with a narrow band for the stone in the middle. The hourglass shape is really appealing and a relief from the boring shape most rings take.

  • Big and bold jewelry not only stands out, but has come strongly back into fashion. Having one large piece that steals the attention works best when you don’t have other smaller jewelry distracting from it. This works especially well if you have a huge jewel on your ring or a layered bracelet in bold colors.
  • Celebrity Trendy Filigree Design Knuckle Stretch Ring in silver tone

    Celebrity Trendy Filigree Design Knuckle Stretch Ring

    “Layered” doesn’t always apply to bracelets. Other jewelry can be layered or stacked to appear chunkier or thicker for a unique look that will catch the eyes of others passing by. Bendable knuckle rings that move with your finger as you bend it provide this style, as the middle section has to be separate for the filigree design to bend correctly.

  • Invoking other styles with a single piece of jewelry can also be fun,allowing you to tinker with what your personal style really is. One of my favorite rings in our selection is this Acrylic Stone Knuckle Ring – the overall look is somewhat steampunk,
    Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Knuckle Stretch Ring in silver and black at Envious Gems

    Steampunk style Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Knuckle Stretch Ring

    but can work in a variety of settings, too (so it’s not just costume jewelry!).

Our affordable trendy jewelry will get you on track to a fashionable look without breaking the bank.