Bright, Bold, and Beautiful

Gloomy skies are almost upon us, but that gives us no reason to feel (or even, look) like the weather. You might think that your wardrobe is limited to play with colors and that you shouldn’t fuss about looking chirpy and cheerful since this season would call for a more toned down and neutral color palette. You may be right about that (at least, the latter part), but wearing bright colors is never a bad thing nor is it ever out of trend. No matter which season we are in, it never hurts to wear a pop of color to brighten up our look.

As always, it’s just about balance. Putting together an outfit is just a matter of personal style, balance, and creativity. Knowing what to minimize or maximize is the key to a successful look. Going bold and bright this season is not impossible. If you’re someone who loves wearing colors no matter what the season is, you can always inject a little bit of life in your daily look by accessorizing!

You don’t have to wear colors from head to toe to give off that vibe. You can still blend in the crowd and not look flashy by wearing little items to improve your outfit. Monochrome + Neon always works wonders for anyone who wants to look bright, bold, and beautiful.

Check out these Celebrity Trendy Neon Druzy Earrings we have especially picked out from our shop. We have also paired these lovely earrings with outfits for every season to give you an idea of how to achieve the look.


Celebrity Trendy Neon Druzy Earrings in Neon Orange for only $12!


Credits to ladykrystal from Polyvore for this fresh look!


Celebrity Trendy Neon Druzy Earrings in Neon Pink for only $12!


Credits to navisya from Polyvore for this simple but sweet ensemble!


Celebrity Trendy Neon Druzy Earrings in Neon Yellow for only $12!


Credits to helenevlacho from Polyvore for this hip and laidback style!

Fancy any of the earrings we have selected above? Click each photo to be redirected and shop these must-have pieces here at Shop Envious Gems! Have a fun time shopping!

Disclaimer: All photo sets from Polyvore are a property of their rightful owners and credited as tagged. Items on the photo sets are not sold at Shop Envious Gems unless otherwise specified.

Color Crush: Turquoise

There’s something about turquoise that just says summer. It could be because the blue-green color makes us think of the beach and the ocean, and let’s face it…it looks awesome against summer skin. We love turquoise dresses, shirts, and even pants for summer, but we really think the most versatile way to wear this bright color is with jewelry.turqswatch

These turquoise earrings make a big statement. Designed to resemble the coveted Ippolita earrings that can run up to $1,000 and worn by celebrities, these classic drop earrings are a bargain at only $15.2

And who can deny the statement this vibrant cocktail ring makes? Priced at $14 it’s simply a must-have for your summer accessory collection.1

Rounding out our turquoise fetish are two unique and fun bracelets with the touch of color you need to really make a splash this summer.  These bracelets can be worn solo or paired together or with a watch. They are both available at Shop Envious Gems for a price that will make you smile.  turqbracelet





Color Crush: Pink

We have a serious crush on pink jewelry, and we’re loving all the different shades available in the accessories offered at Shop Envious Gems. If there is one pink accessory that has taken the fashion industry by storm this summer, it’s pink gold. Pink gold, or rose gold as its commonly referred to, is the art of mixing gold and copper, so the end result is a gold color with a touch of pink glow. We love Geneva’s pink gold rose watch offered in our online store for only $35.RoseGoldIt’s not only the pink gold that we love for this season. We think a pop of pink is the perfect accessory for summer and looks particularly awesome when it’s paired with other bright colors like turquoise or yellow. These neon pink earrings are ideal for the long summer days.PinkEarringsNo look is complete without a bracelet, and this classic but trendy gold beaded bracelet with a stunning pink stone really makes a statement. Our favorite thing about this bracelet is how versatile it is. It can be worn to work or for a night on the town. bRACeletShop Envious Gems has so many pretty pink pieces, it’s really hard to pick just one. Luckily, our prices are unmatched so you can stock up on this summer’s favorite colored accessories.



Beachy Bangles

Summer is here!  Well…almost, but we can still be excited for sunny, water-front days PicMonkey Collageahead. In a few short weeks school will be out and the beaches will be filled with families, friends, and folks looking for a good time and a tan. We’ve seen the bright-colored trend filter down into the fashion world this spring, and that trend will stay strong through the summer.

One of our favorite ways to sport the latest colors is with bangles. The beach-inspired bangles from Celebrity Trendy and featured at Shop Envious Gems are perfect for dressing up your summer outfits. They can be worn casually, with jeans and a cool t-shirt, or for a night-time look, pair them with summer dresses or tailored pants. We love these bracelets because they are fun and light, and the gold trim really makes the subtle summer colors pop against your skin.

Another great thing about bangles is that they can be worn solo, together or as part of a stack. These particular bracelets look great stacked together on the arm opposite of your watch.

These bracelets are going fast at Shop Envious Gems, so snag them now!

Color Crush: How to wear this season’s brightest hues

We love the bright vibrant colors that are everywhere this season, but it can be a little daring…especially if you are unsure how to wear them.  Accessorizing with bold colors takes a little know-how, which is why we’re here to guide you. Follow these 4 tips and you’ll feel confident taking the plunge into the summer’s vivid accessories.

Tip 1: Don’t go overboard
Pair electric blue earrings with classic neutral clothing pieces like white, camel, gray and black. Keep it simple and let these earring shine.

Celebrity Trendy Blue Neon Druzy Earrings - $12.00

Celebrity Trendy Blue Neon Druzy Earrings $12

Tip 2: Mix up your color
The beauty of these bright colors is that they don’t have to match. Yes, you read that right…they shouldn’t match. Pair a green bracelet with a soft pink dress or neon orange with navy or cobalt blue. The key is contrast.


Celebrity Trendy Lime Enamel Buckle Bangle Bracelet

Tip 3: Pair prints with solids
Do you like fun prints like the popular tribal print in bold colors? Make sure and pair daring prints with classic solids for a polished look with a bit of flair.

Celebrity Trendy Enameled Tribal Stretch Ring $10.00

Celebrity Trendy Enameled Tribal Stretch Ring $10

Tip 4: Flatter your features
Make sure you pick a hue that is right for your features and skin tones. Fairer skin tones should stay away from orange and yellow hues. Instead, they should opt for blues and pinks. Bright yellows and oranges pop against darker skin tones.

Celebrity Trendy Orange Seashell Enamel Bangle Bracelet $30

Celebrity Trendy Orange Seashell Enamel Bangle Bracelet

Shop Envious Gems has a wide variety of bright and bold accessories to fit every comfort level. Visit our site today and get on your way to being stylish for the summer.

Accessorized: Pantone’s 2013 Spring/Summer Colors

For almost 50 years, the Pantone color pallet has set the stage for color choices in fashion, technology and home decor. The company released their Spring/Summer 2013 color pallet earlier this year, so Shop Envious Gems searched the world over to find the trendiest jewelry in this season’s must-have colors. We found the best deals on the most sought after pieces and offer them to you at a fraction of the price that you would pay in a retail store.Pantone-SS13Colors-01We love what Pantone did this year to create a pallet that pairs bright and bold pops of color with soft and subtle neutrals.  Adding accessories in any of these shades will immediately give your wardrobe a facelift.

Emerald is Pantone’s color of the year, with Grayed Jade coming in a close second. EmeraldCollageGrayedJadeCollageIf you prefer blue tones, Shop Envious Gems has an entire blue collection, with colors ranging from navy to turquoise and this year’s two most popular-Monaco and Dusk Blue.MonocoBlueCollage DuskBlueCollageGreen and yellow shades are brighter than last season. Added bracelets and earrings in either of these colors give you that summer-ready look.greenyellow CollageOrange makes a comeback in a softer peach shade, and red is still as bold and bright as last season. Nectarine Collage poppyredCollageRounding out the pallet are the softer shades of African Violets and Linen. violetlinenCollageWe’re in love with these color choices and the accessories that match them. You can add the new colors by accessorizing your wardrobe with jewelry from Shop Envious Gems. The good news is the quality is fabulous and the price just can’t be beat.


Sizziling Summer Jewelry Trends

PicMonkey CollageWhat’s hot for Summer 2013? We looked to the latest designers, magazines and city streets to find the trendiest jewelry for you at a fraction of the cost. Get ready to prepare your wardrobe for the long days of summer by adding a few of this year’s must have accessories.

Neon Jewelry
From clothes to shoes, the neon trend is everywhere.  It’s a daring choice for sure, but subtle hints of electric blue, bright yellow or hot pink found in jewelry, like earrings and bracelets, can really turn a subtle outfit into something eye-catching.

Bold, Contrast Jewelry
Nothing is more dramatic than high contrast accessories. Black and white is a bold, yet timeless choice that can really finish an outfit. At Shop Envious Gems, you’ll find an assortment of necklaces that mix the bold, black and white trend with other trends like the tribal print jewelry that will continue to be popular through 2013.

Arm Candy
Stacking bracelets has never been bigger. Accompany your boyfriend watch with a stack that includes the popular buckle bracelet.  These bracelets run anywhere from $100 – $1,000, but you can get them at Shop Envious Gems for just $14.

Stud earrings are classic, and they’re no longer reserved for just pearls and diamonds. These charming pieces make a bright new debut this summer set in bold colors and trimmed out in metallic golds and silvers.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get this summer’s best looks. Shop Envious Gems has them all in stock, and for a price that will make your wallet smile. You won’t sacrifice quality, either. Shop Envious Gems shops the world over to find the best, high-style, high-quality fashion jewelry for our customers.

And since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, make sure and use the code MOTHERS-DAY at checkout to receive free shipping on your entire order.



Beaded Jewelry and Colorful Bracelets Stand Out for Latest Fashions

One of the advantages of bright and bold colors becoming fashionable once again is that the jewelry that compliments those styles best must be big, bright and most of all simple. Displaying brash colors is easiest when the jewelry is more simplistic than the intricate, delicate works of other fashions.

This either means the jewelry you choose will become much more expensive (super size my diamond?) or the pieces will become cheaper because not as much detail is required. Brilliant colors often require less distraction from design and detail. Beaded jewelry provides a fantastic way to take advantage of the trend while keeping your budget intact, as we love to offer our products at practically wholesale jewelry prices.

This week’s “10 Best Dressed” in Vogue magazine featured a couple lovely New York women wearing beaded bracelets, including Shala Monroque who was spotted at the Moët Hennessy Pavillion of Art and Design Prize Dinner and Blake Lively The MoMA Film Benefit Celebrates Pedro Almodóvar. For a similar style that you can have (and afford), the Zoey Multi Strand Stretch Beaded Charm Bracelet fits the bill, combining crystal adornments with wood and resin beads plus a few trendy charms.

Zoey Multi Strand Stretch Beaded Charm Bracelet

Zoey Multi Strand Stretch Beaded Charm Bracelet

The colorful Layla Multi Strand Stretch Beaded Charm Bracelet in blue and turquoise also has a few charms with simple, bright beads and it can easily adjust to fit your wrist.

Layla Multi Strand Stretch Beaded Charm Bracelet

Layla Multi Strand Stretch Beaded Charm Bracelet

For large chunky beads, the Hematite Beaded Cord Bracelet can casually rest on your wrist on a waxed cord with bead tipped ends.

Celebrity Trendy Hematite Beaded Cord Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Hematite Beaded Cord Bracelet

But you don’t have to stick to just beaded bracelets to take advantage of having colored wrists. Other bracelets in different colors are also available to spice up your wrists and put in some flair in your look. Our Celebrity Trendy Evil Eye Charm Bracelets with Hamsa come in a couple shades with either a chain or a cord.

Celebrity Trendy Evil Eye Charm Bracelet with Hamsa

Celebrity Trendy Evil Eye Charm Bracelet with Hamsa

Celebrity Trendy Evil Eye Charm Bracelet with Hamsa

Celebrity Trendy Evil Eye Charm Bracelet with Hamsa

Celebrity Trendy Hamsa Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Hamsa Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Hamsa Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Hamsa Bracelet

A Short Guide to Mixing and Matching Bright Colors

Fashion seasons lately seems to mean anything goes, but that really is not the case. While bright and bold colors seem to be matched together at random, but there is some rhyme and reason to the matches that are made.

Bold colors can only go together when they are very similar or very different. Blue and yellow are a popular combo as those colors tend to stand out in a crowd — the contrast is extremely eye catching (and is also why you see it as a business logo for companies such as Best Buy). While these two shades may not always go together, the bright and bold future of fashion for 2012 has these colors and more all over.

The problem with somewhat similar colors is the scheme will look unintentional. If the shades are not close, you may end up with a pale green shirt and a slightly paler green jacket, which is instantly noticeable.

And of course, certain color matches are only appropriate for certain times of year. You will never see a fashionista wearing red and green or red and gold when it is not December, although red and brown are perfect for all year round.

If you need a little color to add some contrast to your wardrobe, Envious Gems has quite a selection of colorful trendy rings, leather bracelets for women, fashionable earrings and celebrity style necklaces, all at practically wholesale prices.

My favorite additions to our store so far have been our feather jewelry collection. The style these feathers create are best with other earthy tones, such as brown, beige or red. With the right ensemble, you may be able to pull this off with other colors as well, but I’ve enjoyed matching it with my brown blouses and heels.

Brown may not be the highlight of the season, but it is a classic standby.

Bright Meets Tribal Jewelry This Year

Two surprises hit the fashion world this year with the outbreak of tribal jewelry and prints from around the world. Animal stripes, oriental fashions and Native American-inspired styles have been seen up and down the runways and on the street.

For fashion overall this year, bright colors impacted nearly all style types and that holds true for tribal attire. Vivid colors and bold patterns are what to keep you eye on when you shop — how else could zebra print make it to the runway? A colorful piece such as the black and blue Enamel Tribal Necklace with matching earrings can bring a little tribal feel to your wardrobe.

The bold geometric shapes of that necklace and a few others in stock at Envious Gems really fit with in with the vibrant geometric shapes that have also cropped us this year. Check out this dress at Teen Vogue — it’s nearly an optical illusion! The diamond-shaped Enamel Tribal Necklace in red and black will draw attention.

While clashing patterns are seen on the runway, keep the materials in your ensemble at least all to a theme. Matching your African-style clothing to similar pattern types — a kimono does not mix well with tiger stripes, so keep these two popular styles separate.

If tribal jewelry isn’t really your style, oriental jewelry has also been seen amongst trendsetters. With the way the fashion world has been turning, you should know already that even oriental styles are vibrant. Add a little to your outfit with the colorful Protection Muse Health Necklace. The necklace sports a Chinese coin and beads made of black onyx and rose quartz that brings authenticity.

When looking for a shopping spot for affordable, high quality and trendy jewelry, Envious Gems should be the first on your list. We offer nearly wholesale prices for fashionable jewelry so you don’t have to break the bank to dress with confidence.