Affordable Trendy Jewelry for Your Favorite Leather Skirts

Teens and women are putting that edge back in their wardrobe this fall with leather skirts, be they pleated or pencil, and Envious Gems has a selection of affordable trendy jewelry to perfectly accent leather tones. While skirts in leather are often monotone in color, a few choice pieces of jewelry will make all the difference to your ensemble selections.

Affordable Trendy Jewelry to Match Latest Skirt Fashion

The blogger trend on Teen Vogue this month showed a number of fashion bloggers donning their favorite leather skirts up and down the streets, often accompanied by a few layered bracelets on one arm. Bulky layered bracelets have also shown up in Vogue and Cosmopolitan the last few months, both on celebrities and everyday people alike.

Because leather skirts are a simple yet classic look, nearly any kind of jewelry and blouse can be matched with it. At Envious Gems, we have a number of excellent options for affordable trendy jewelry so you can stack your layered bracelets without breaking the bank.

Leather Bracelets to Go With Your Leather Skirt

Celebrity Trendy Leather Wrap Bracelet at Envious Gems

Celebrity Trendy Leather Wrap Bracelet

Our large selection of leather bracelets gives you a wide range of possibilities and you are likely to find one or more that will go perfectly with your leather skirt. Our leather wrap bracelets, such as this one with small rhinestones, give your arm that layered look with just one bracelet. We have them in brown, black, beige or white so you are likely to easily find the right one.

Celebrity Trendy Hip Rhinestone Leather Bracelet at Envious Gems

Celebrity Trendy Hip Rhinestone Leather Bracelet

If bling is more your thing, our hip rhinestone leather bracelet will add that rocker-chic to your outfit. The sparkling rhinestones and baubles on this bracelet make it a stand out piece perfect for any black skirt, especially your leather ones.

To bring back the ’80s rock look, we also have a snake skin leather bracelet that brings to mind hair metal and bright colors.