Trendy Necklaces to Wear on Casual Fridays

One of the best opportunities to showcase your true style at work is on casual Friday. Not every office partakes in this weekly relaxation of the dress code, but those companies that do see a bit more employee satisfaction and creativity. Apparently the dress code was made popular during the rise of dot-com companies, according to a 2007 article of USAToday.

But while casual is allowed, there is such a thing as overly casual! Check out the Gracefuls design and makeup blog for a short list of the dos and don’ts on casual Friday, including ways to dress up your jeans and not looking like a casual slob. I’d add one more to her list of don’ts: flip flops. I’ve seen a few companies throw fits about open-toed sandals, so it is often considered to be too casual for an office environment.

Celebrity Trendy Chic Two Tone Necklaces

Black and silver tones with silky, fluid chains

Trendy necklaces are a fantastic way to dress up an otherwise casual outfit, and it lets your fashion sense shine through in even a business environment. One trendy necklace that would be perfect for dressing up a casual look is also on sale for 25 percent off! It is the Celebrity Trendy Chic Two Tone Necklace in the photo to the left, and its fluid chains and dark colors are perfect with a pair of jeans and a brightly colored blouse.

But if that isn’t your style, we have a few more colorful options as well. It isn’t all black and silver jewelry!

Multi-Stone Trendy Designer Style Necklace

Multi-Stone Trendy Designer Style Necklace

For trendy necklaces with a little more color, I personally like the Celebrity Trendy Designer Style Multi-Stone Necklace. The colors pop and they aren’t too dark or too neon in tone. If you are wearing a dark blouse or one that has a pattern that isn’t busy, this necklace will really shine.