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What was the Fashion Back in the Roaring 20's?

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The 1920's saw a new woman. This was the first time which women could vote. Corsets were tossed away and slinky, fringe covered slip dresses became the thing to wear on a Saturday night. Jobs, equal rights, sexual liberation, educational opportunities and a new sense of power was opened up for women. In the 1920's there was music in the air, the champagne was freely flowing and there was possibility all around.

This Jazz Age certainly defined the look of the new woman. Bob hair cuts and lavish jewelry were the style of the times. Whenever you are feeling like breaking out into a two step or the Charleston, indulge in your whims and don a bit of vintage jewelry. You do not have to head to Tiffany to get the glamorous diamonds and pearls as seen in the remake of The Great Gatsby. There are plenty of ways to get the look of the Roaring 20's without breaking the bank.

1920's Inspired Jewelry

When we think of the 20's we see the flapper. This was the girl who was out having a great time. She often had on strands of pearls and a headband which had a bit of bling. The 1920's were about opulence. There was no wearing just a single necklace. Layer your look, the more pearls, diamonds and strands the better. Whether you are heading to the office and want a hint of flash or you are going to a concert on a Saturday night, here are the must have pieces to echo the 1920's.


The more the merrier when it comes to necklaces. Looking at women from the 1920's, necklaces were all around. For the work week opt for a bib necklace. This style of necklace dresses up everything from a little black dress to a plain white t-shirt. Our Harper's multi crystal flower statement necklace has gold chains, crystals and two large crystal flowers. In the evening, layer diamonds by the yard in multiple lengths. One trend which you can take from the 1920's is to tie a knot in long necklaces.


Small studs were not the trend in the 1920's. During this time, the longer the earrings the better. Bold earrings helped to accentuate a ladies neck, which was now easier to see thanks to the bob. For 1920's inspired earrings, look for something which dangles at least an inch from the earlobe. Our silver link clear stone teardrop earrings are just the right length and catch the light wonderfully. Whether you are out on the dance floor, or you are at your desk at the office, these earrings will catch the attention of an admirer from afar.


Are you catching on to the trend of the 1920's? More is more and more is better. Whether worn over gloves, or worn on their own, a nice bangle on each wrist is a familiar trend of the time. Something shiny, such as our large crystal stretch stone bracelet, fits the bill. Push the bracelet up to mid forearm and let it twinkle.


In the 1920's the headband was the perfect thing to keep a woman's hair in place as she jitterbugged on the dance floor. This was no ordinary headband. Over the hair and covered in sparkly gems, is the headband of the 1920's. To dress up your headbands, use a ring and a bobby pin. A large ring, such as our blue crystal flower stretch ring, looks great when pinned just over one ear.

When donning the jewelry of the Roaring 20's look for high shine and layered items.

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