What You Don’t Know About Hamsa Trendy Bracelets

Celebrity Trendy Beaded Hamsa Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Beaded Hamsa Bracelet

Trendy bracelets are usually decorated with colorful beads and various symbols and charms. Some of the most popular symbols include hearts and skulls, and one of the trendy symbols of today is the Hamsa and they are featured on trendy bracelets that are very sparkly and stylish. A stone is embedded on the center of the Hamsa symbol.

The Hamsa is a very special symbol that is often featured in amulets and other ornaments. Known as the hamesh in Hebrew, this hand symbol is believed to protect people from what they call as the “Evil Eye.” The Hamsa come in various designs but the most popular design is where there is one eye located at the palm of the hand. Aside from bracelets, Hamsa beads are also popularly used to decorate earrings, necklaces, and even rings. They are perfect for any type of accessory for women.

The Hamsa symbol, aside from being used for jewelry, is also hung in almost every place where people do not want evil to abide. Hamsa beads are hung over the entry points of the house, the car rear view mirror, and even over a baby’s bed. A lot of people really believe in the magical powers of these beads.

This symbol is one of the most popular beads featured in trendy bracelets these days. If you believe that it can protect you from evil, the Hamsa bracelet is definitely the accessory that you need. But even if you do not really believe on its magical powers, the symbol can still be displayed as a very beautiful and interesting bracelet.

The Hamsa trendy bracelets are adorned with other colorful beads and rhinestones. If you are looking for a bracelet that is not only trendy but mysterious as well, the Hamsa bracelets are definitely recommended. These things are very affordable and you can even purchase more than one.

Different Styles, Same Summer Look — More Skull and Evil Eye Trendy Jewelry

Bracelets are really hot this summer! We just keep stumbling across more and more trendy bracelets both beaded and woven that it is hard to keep up with! Envious Gems shops the world so you don’t have to, so check out our latest trendy bracelets for all your summer jewelry needs!

Why are bracelets a summer favorite? Easy to swap, slip on and off and jump into the pool, trendy bangles and ankle bracelets are a popular accessory nearly every summer.

For the skull jewelry fans, we just got in these hot neon skull bracelets!

Celebrity Trendy Hot Neon Skull Bracelets

Celebrity Trendy Hot Neon Skull Bracelet Orange

Celebrity Trendy Hot Neon Skull Bracelets Green

Celebrity Trendy Hot Neon Skull Bracelet Green

These smiling skulls aren’t really creepy — they cross the line into punky cuteness. The woven string that binds the skull bracelet together isn’t stretchy, but it is adjustable. It fits almost every wrist size! Plus, the drawstring end is also a skull bead, which is the kind of attention to detail and consistency we look for in the trendy jewelry we seek out!

We also have this same style of celebrity trendy bracelet in yellow!

Why skull jewelry? Not everything can be pop princess pink and cute, right? When looking for affordable trendy jewelry, skull bracelets and the like add a certain edge to your outfit for a really great price. And since these aren’t too creepy, they are appropriate for the younger crowd as well.

But with a little bit of modification or even just as-is, you can make skull jewelry a fun accessory for fall! Halloween decor may not be allowed where you work and you can’t always go in costume, but these skull bracelets are a great, small way of showing you are in the trick-or-treat spirit at work!

Spring is on its Way: Welcome Back, Neons and Pastels!

By the time the spring fashion season rolls around, it’s like a breath of fresh air. After months of cold, soggy weather and darkened skies, the colors of spring start to show up in fashion before even the flowers start to bloom. It’s always a refreshing and welcome change in the weather and in our wardrobes.

Every year, trendy jewelry fads come and go, but spring colors are relatively consistent every year (or at least for the last few). Neon, bold colors were popular last spring and some of that flavor has transferred over to this season’s line up. But not without a few pastels shades sneaking in for a cut of the action.

While clashing colors and patterns so recklessly doesn’t seem to have carried over like neon did, there is still some present. However, the pairings are more natural so far (but who knows as the fashion season progresses?).

Take these trendy necklaces we just got in, for example:

Celebrity Trendy Chic Hot Color Necklace

Celebrity Trendy Chic Hot Neon Pink and Gold Tone Necklace

Celebrity Trendy Chic Hot Color Necklace

Celebrity Trendy Chic Hot Neon Blue and Gold Tone Necklace

I love how fun and colorful these trendy necklaces are. The braided chains are silky and fluid — great to wear on a night out! The perky colors also make it appropriate for lunch meetings, shopping and other day time activities. Versatility is important to me, personally, so that’s something I always keep an eye on.

Another fabulously colorful trendy accessory we just got in stock is this:

Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Stretch Ring

Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Stretch Ring

I love the vintage feel this big ring has with that added modern twist of color and materials. The inlaid stone is acrylic, so you can wear it anywhere and it will still be a conversation starter.

But versatility isn’t everything. Sometime trendy jewelry can just be fun and casual, like our latest addition to our collection of Evil Eye jewelry:

Celebrity Trendy Evil Eye Beaded Cord Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Evil Eye Beaded Cord Bracelet

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