Stack Bracelets For A Cute, Layered Look

I gushed over my love of mixing leather and gold bracelets together in my last post, and here is why: I love the stacked bracelets look. The combinations available from even just a few pieces can be quite stunning.

Layering gold and leather bracelets up your arm is fantastic for a warm and traditional look, but there are also many other possibilities. Wrap bracelets provide an easy way to pull off the stacked armlet look without having to buy more than one. Trendy bracelets in this style wrap around the wrist multiple times, like this one:

Celebrity Trendy Leather Stone Wrap Bracelet

Black and Gold Leather Stone Wrap Bracelet

This wrap bracelet and the beige armlet we offer in the same style comfortably wraps around the forearm three times. You can also find bracelets that are met to be worn as a set on the same arm:

Celebrity Trendy Gold tone Multi Stone Bangle Bracelet Set

Gold tone Multi Stone Bangle Bracelet Set

The colors this bracelet set brings together make it an accessory for almost anything in your closet. I prefer to stick to solid colors when stacking bracelets, as I dislike the way certain textures mix, and that is why this bracelet set is so pleasing to the eye.

Not all bracelets are for layering though. When wearing a showpiece bracelet with complex designs and many in-set stones, that fantastic piece should not have to complete against other jewelry. Pieces like the one below are just so fitting by themselves that adding other bracelets around it only detracts from the overall look.

Alexis Multi Chain Leather Bracelet

Alexis Multi Chain Leather Bracelet

But a chain wrap bracelet like the one below would work just find when paired with other bracelets as the detailing is not nearly as small.

Celebrity Trendy Metal Bead Braided Cuff

Metal Bead Braided Cuff

There are two combinations I stay away from when I stack bracelets. The first is not mixing gold and silver jewelry. It just looks sloppy to me. The other is that only match beaded bracelets with other beaded bracelets or leather bracelets. While you might get away with a bracelet that uses very small beads, the big beaded bracelets just look cheap next to a gold tone armlet.

Gold and Leather Bracelets: A Perfect Combo

Some color combos are so well-matched that they become an instant classic when paired together. Two pieces of jewelry displaying such tones may appear ordinary when apart but create a look that is both pleasing to the eye and a little bit comforting.

That’s how I feel about gold and leather bracelets being paired together, anyway. Maybe its the meeting of two Old World materials — animal hide or leather has been in use for centuries and gold has been a driving force of both the creation and destruction of many a civilization for nearly as long. Or maybe its the generally warm tones leather and gold bracelets bring out in each other. There is just something comfortably stylish about gold and leather together.

Out of all the leather and gold bracelets we offer though, my favorite pairing is these two:

Celebrity Trendy Buckle Leather Wrap Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Buckle Leather Wrap Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Gold tone Multi Stone Bangle Bracelet Set

Add some color with the Gold tone Multi Stone Bangle Bracelet Set

One of the fashion bloggers I follow, Grace Niu, recently posted a gold and leather bracelets combo that I absolutely love on her blog. I’ve seen her wear plenty of colorful bracelets as “arm candy,” but this is one of my favorite combos she has put together.

Even if you aren’t going to stack multiple bracelets together, having a single bracelet that combines leather and gold can also pull off the effect. This is actually one of our newest items, and I’m kind of excited. I love the different stone textures and colors:

Celebrity Trendy Leather Stone Wrap Bracelet

Leather Stone Wrap Bracelet

Leather bracelets for women don’t have to be in those brown, neutral tones all the time though. While the tan and beige leathers are a personal favorite, black leather and gold is also a nice mixture:

Celebrity Trendy Gold Plated Soft Leather Bracelet

Gold Plated Soft Leather Bracelet