Finding Simplicity and Class in Fashion – Leather Bracelets

Perhaps you’ve never seen yourself as the biker babe in leather jackets and chaps, but don’t underestimate the power of a little leather added to your wardrobe. A perfect example is the wide range of leather bracelets available at Envious Gems.

Who Wears Leather Bracelets and Why

These fashionable jewelry pieces certainly seem to have a celebrity following. From Jennifer Lopez to Miley Cyrus to Nicole Richie, celebrity leather bracelets have been spotted everywhere as these famous folk walk around town in stylish casual wear or head to their favorite shops with friends. Many of the armlets worn by the stars are simple pieces in one color that nicely accent their ensemble.

Celebrity Trendy Buckle Leather Wrap Bracelet

Buckle Leather Wrap Bracelet in black

Those celeb armlets are much like the Buckle Leather Wrap Bracelets from Envious Gems that come in black, white and beige with a gold-toned turn buckle closure so you can easily buckle it on or unbuckle it to take it off. The simple stitching and high quality leather of these wristlets will contribute to whatever outfit you decide to have it accompany and will never look gaudy.

Stacking Bracelets: A Reappearing Trend

Why have just one when you can have more? Leather bracelets are perfect

Celebrity Trendy Wide Leather Bracelet

Wide Leather Bracelet in speckled gray

for stacking up your arm to create a layered effect. Trendy armlets are being made currently for just that with colorful bracelets joining in, but leather armlets add that extra bit of class that beads and bangles just can’t. Mix up your stacked bracelets even more by combining the thinner buckle bracelets with a Wide Leather Bracelet that has large stud closures and comes in speckled gray, black, beige or blue.

Leather Jewelry With Some Color

Celebrity Trendy Chic Soft Leather Bracelet in White -- Click for product page

Chic Soft Leather Bracelet in White

If you are hoping for a little more color for your stacked bracelet look, the Chic Soft Leather Bracelet provides. These trendy bracelets are made with soft pebbled leather – in beige, white or black — and have gold tone rings and studs and colored crystal stones.

While all of these bracelets will come at a high price tag in retail stores, picking them up from Envious Gems gets you the same high quality products at often half the retail price.