May is for Mother’s Day

One of my favorite gifts I received as a new mom was a charm necklace with a single classic charm embellished with the initial of my brand new baby girl.  As a mom of two, that favorite necklace now includes a matching charm with the initial of my son. It’s truly an heirloom and something I’ll have forever.


If you’re looking for a great Mother’s Day gift for your mom, your grandmother, or a good friend who’s a first-time mom, personalized charms on a simple chain are perfect and timeless. Charm necklaces are sweet, endearing and just right on their own or combined for a layered look.

Shop Envious Gems charm necklaces are a favorite of many, along with many other jewelry pieces from our store.

To help you finish up your mommy day shopping, we’ve put together our top picks for affordable, but beautiful, Mother’s Day gifts. As an added bonus, we’ll pick up the shipping costs when you used the code MOTHERS-DAY at checkout.

 Sparkly bangle bracelets with sophisticated charmSparkle Bangle.image.300x232

 Celebrity trendy filigree teardrop earringsGreenTeardropGold beaded statement bracelet with Monaco blue teardrop stone1c0f2116c9bca41d32631f92630902ac.image.300x240

 Big and bold statement necklaceBoldStatementNeclace Liquid Metal’s Roxy’s Trouble bracelet with Swarovski crystalsliquidmetalbracelet

These are just a few of our favorites, but we’d love to hear from you.Which pieces would you like to give or get this Mother’s Day? Sound off in our comments.

6 Jewelry Box Essentials for Working Women

The trendy jewelry you wear to work can’t always be the pieces you wear on a Saturday night — large, flashy jewelry is OK in some work places, but for most it is considered a bit of a distraction and even sometimes unprofessional.

But you want to wear jewelry that compliments your look without taking away from your professional persona. We’ve put together a list of the trendy jewelry choices from Envious Gems that would look great with any work wardrobe. Trendy jewelry for women at work doesn’t have to be boring! We’ve stuck to a gold tone theme so you can mix and match these with ease.

Trendy Jewelry for Women in the Office

  1. Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Stretch Bracelet
    Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Stretch Bracelet

    Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Stretch Bracelet

    The textured gold ball beads give this trendy bracelet a classic look while combining the currently hot color style with the acrylic pink stone set in a Continue reading

Celebrity Trendy Jewelry That’s In

Most people who keep themselves updated with the current trends are also keeping their eyes on what’s about to be in or out of season. Celebrities often look their best when appearing on the red carpet or during awards’ shows. Most wear only the most stylish and beautiful jewelry that any woman would want to have included in her collections.

Aside from that, most celebrities also wear jewelry even during their free time or when hanging out. Although there is a huge difference when it comes to the materials used in making celebrity trendy jewelry and the price compared to those which are celebrity inspired, it does not mean that affordable alternatives are of low quality.

Sterling Silver 10mm CZ Stud Earrings

Sterling Silver 10mm CZ Stud Earrings

When it comes to trendy earrings an alternative to diamond and precious gems is CZ studded earrings. They may not be as expensive as those made of more precious stones, but they, too, are celebrity inspired and never goes out of style. What makes these kinds of earrings even more popular is that you can wear them everyday with any outfit. They are not as hard as diamonds so it is important that you take good care of them.

Over-sized rings are often seen everywhere and this trend doesn’t seem to be fading. These celebrity trendy rings are made of large stones that

Celebrity Trendy Bali Crystal Knuckle Stretch Ring

Matte silver tone with multiple crystals in the center

are as attractive as those expensive ones. There are also those which can be worn on two fingers at once. There are a lot of innovations and styles with how rings are worn now. They are also made with affordable but durable materials that are surely worth a good price.

Celebrity trendy bangles are never out of season. Taylor Swift often wears a wrist full of bangles and looks dazzling as ever. Beaded bracelets are also one of the popular choices. They can also be worn singly or as many as you want on your wrist. Gold cuff bracelets are also often seen worn by celebrities on the red carpet.

A trendy necklace can complete your outfit for the day. Bright neon colors are popular and will continue on reaching its peak for a longer period of time. Bigger necklaces are often seen worn as well as layered ones. Most celebrities wear these kinds of jewelry which costs more expensive. But you can always find cheaper celebrity trendy necklaces in jewelry shops.

Acrylic Stone Necklaces: Perfect with Any Outfit

Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Long Necklace

Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Long Necklace

Being fashionable does not only mean you wear the latest style of clothing, it also means that you complement your style with trendy accessories that are sure to turn heads. There are several varieties of accessories sold in the market today. Accessories that vary in shape, sizes, colors, and styles are sure to make any shopper confused of which to buy first. There is no denying that purchasing accessories can be hard on the wallet sometimes. That’s why most people are into online shopping nowadays for they can get the items they needs lower prices. Although there might be shipping charges, if you maximize your order, it will all still be worth it. Plus we offer free shipping on orders of more than $50!

Once you try to look for trendy necklaces online, you would definitely find the Acrylic Stone Long Necklace as one of the popular choices. This brilliant necklace is made of 36 inches long gold plated chain and has six acrylic stones attached to it. There are different methods of gold plating, one of which hammer brush, used in making this stunning necklace. This necklace is also ideal to be used during the day or for partying all night. Whether you wear it for an important occasion by day or for an evening event, this necklace will surely complement your style. There are also a variety of colors to choose from that will definitely suit your preference. It is also free from lead and nickel.

Retail prices are often double what we offer, so choose the best deal among online shops and include in your collection this amazing necklace. It also has matching bracelets and earrings available to complete your collection.

Favorite Spring Picks from Envious Gems

The sun is shining, and although there may be a few showers here and there, spring is one of fashion’s favorite seasons. The season symbolizes the beginning of new life, and we love to bring back the color and spark to our wardrobes during this fabulous season.

We’re crossing over into summer, but here are a few of the spring favorites that we hope to see throughout the year:

1. Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Necklace

Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Necklace

Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Necklace

The five acrylic stones in this trendy necklace make it great for a professional Continue reading

Trendy Jewelry With A Bit More Buddha

Who doesn’t love the content and joyous look on Happy Buddha’s face? With his big belly and wide grin, it’s hard not to smile when you come across this image. And why shouldn’t it?

Here’s your chance to carry that big ol’ grin along with you wherever you go. The Happy Buddha Pendant Necklace we have in stock right now comes with two accompanying beads — one an “evil eye” painted stone and the other a turquoise stone attached right above the Buddha pendant.

Celebrity Trendy Happy Buddha Pendant Trendy Necklaces

Celebrity Trendy Happy Buddha Pendant Necklace

This stylized version of the Happy Buddha symbolizes:

  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Prosperity
  • Abundance
  • Good Fortune
  • Joy
  • Contentment
The evil eye bead comes in three different colors on these Buddha necklaces: black and white, black and green and black and blue. The accompanying stone is turquoise for all of these trendy necklaces as well.

These are great as a gift to remind someone you love that life is good or for your own trendy jewelry collection. This type of Buddha depiction is also known as the Smiling Buddha or the Laughing Buddha and is actually bodhisattva (an enlightened spirit or person striving to obtain Buddhahood).

The other type of Buddhas that you may run into but don’t make for as attractive and jolly of jewelry are:

  • Abhaya Mudra with the right hand raised and left hand at waist level to represent both peaceful intentions and protection.
  • Bhumisparsha Mudra with the right hand touching the ground to symbolize his enlightenment. If he’s riding an elephant, it is the same type of depiction but represents steadfastness.
  • Dhyana Mudra with one or both hands in his lap to symbolize wisdom.
  • Dharmachakra Mudra with his index finger and thumb of both hands touching to symbolize fate.
  • Varada Mudra with both hands hanging at waist level and palms turned outward. The left hand is pointed down and right pointing up, symbolizing balance.

Trendy Necklaces to Wear on Casual Fridays

One of the best opportunities to showcase your true style at work is on casual Friday. Not every office partakes in this weekly relaxation of the dress code, but those companies that do see a bit more employee satisfaction and creativity. Apparently the dress code was made popular during the rise of dot-com companies, according to a 2007 article of USAToday.

But while casual is allowed, there is such a thing as overly casual! Check out the Gracefuls design and makeup blog for a short list of the dos and don’ts on casual Friday, including ways to dress up your jeans and not looking like a casual slob. I’d add one more to her list of don’ts: flip flops. I’ve seen a few companies throw fits about open-toed sandals, so it is often considered to be too casual for an office environment.

Celebrity Trendy Chic Two Tone Necklaces

Black and silver tones with silky, fluid chains

Trendy necklaces are a fantastic way to dress up an otherwise casual outfit, and it lets your fashion sense shine through in even a business environment. One trendy necklace that would be perfect for dressing up a casual look is also on sale for 25 percent off! It is the Celebrity Trendy Chic Two Tone Necklace in the photo to the left, and its fluid chains and dark colors are perfect with a pair of jeans and a brightly colored blouse.

But if that isn’t your style, we have a few more colorful options as well. It isn’t all black and silver jewelry!

Multi-Stone Trendy Designer Style Necklace

Multi-Stone Trendy Designer Style Necklace

For trendy necklaces with a little more color, I personally like the Celebrity Trendy Designer Style Multi-Stone Necklace. The colors pop and they aren’t too dark or too neon in tone. If you are wearing a dark blouse or one that has a pattern that isn’t busy, this necklace will really shine.

15 Fashion Staples You Need in Your Closet — Part 1

Have you ever noticed that you will wear a few pieces of clothing and jewelry more often that other pieces? While I will always have my favorites, most of the blouses and trendy necklaces I find myself wearing again and again are really the staples of my closet. Pieces that work in a variety of situations and can be dressed up or dressed down, or they are specific to a certain kind of weather or season that I encounter frequently.

As I was thinking about it, I realized that there are certain items every woman needs in her closet (at least in the U.S.). Much like keeping flour and pasta in the pantry, these pieces of jewelry and clothing can be the basis for any style or season.

Fashion Staples Your Wardrobe Needs

Sterling Silver 7mm CZ Stud Earrings1. CZ Stud Earrings: These trendy earrings can be worn with almost anything (or nothing at all), as the crystal can compliment most colors and patterns. My only suggestion would be to not wear them with blouses or dresses that have prominent gold coloring.

2. A Showcase Necklace: Big, beautiful and proud! That’s what I mean when I say showcase necklace. Whether the design is unique and interesting or it has a large pendant that Celebrity Trendy Druzy Necklaceattracts attention, this type of trendy necklace is a must for your jewelry box. Wear it with simple, bold colors for a stunning look, or match it up with different ensembles.

3. Cute flats that you can where anywhere: Simple black flats are a great example of versatility. For a business casual look or for going to the market, cute flat shoes are a must. If you only have heels, you may be limiting yourself (and how can you “run” to the store in stilettos?)

4. That little black dress: I’ve gone into this in detail before. Check out the prior blog post for all the reasons a little black dress is essential.


Why You Need That Little Black Dress

Nearly every woman in the U.S. (and maybe Canada) has that little black dress — that sexy, alluring number that only comes out for special occasions. That dress can be a real show stopper if worn to the right kind of party and accessorized well.

Most black dresses are great stand alone dresses. Too much accessorizing takes away from the impact of the dress and the great things it does for your figure, so you need to keep it down to a minimum. When I pull out my little black dress, I usually stick to putting on some trendy earrings or a trendy necklace and earring set.

Don’t have a black dress? It really is an essential wardrobe piece, so I suggest beginning to hunt for that perfect dress, which will have these characteristics: Continue reading

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Collection Coming Soon — Find the Perfect Trendy Necklaces For It

Whether you’ve read the books or you’re only keeping up with the movies, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the series it is a part of has made a huge impact with its edgy style and dark look. Perhaps a sign of its popularity, H&M is releasing a Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Collection using gray, black and dark maroon tones — This highly stylized collection features tight fitting clothing with intentional rips and tears.

Although I’ve become addicted to the bright fashionable colors that are so prevalent right now, I’m always a sucker for mystery thrillers and these dark tones perfectly suit the tone of the movie. I’m sure the fans of the series are also stoked (or at least willing to try on the clothes themselves). H&M is set to release the collection Dec. 21. I’m surprised they aren’t giving Christmas shoppers more time, but maybe H&M is hoping to catch the folks who received cash and gift cards for the holiday.

H&M Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Collection Preview

H&M Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Collection Preview

There is a serious lack of compatible jewelry coming out with the collection though, and that is where Envious Gems can help. When I first saw this collection, four of our trendy necklaces came to mind as an excellent match to the theme.

Our two tone chain necklaces were my first thought, as it can easily slip over the tight fitting biker jacket planned for this collection. The black and silver tone necklace will be your best color match — the simple, dark colors just suit this collection best.

Celebrity Chic Two Tone Trendy Necklaces

Celebrity Chic Two Tone Trendy Necklaces

The Angel Wing necklace also seems strangely appropriate. Maybe it’s that dark gritty look mixed with a symbol of innocence and purity that is appealing, but I hope to see this combo on the streets.

Celebrity Angel Wings Trendy  Necklaces 16"

Angel Wings Trendy Necklaces 16"

The large link chain necklace can sometimes look a little too thug when paired with the wrong clothes, but this collection makes these chic necklaces much more fashionable.

Large Link Silvertone Trendy Necklace

Large Link Silvertone Trendy Necklaces

With the multi-stone trendy necklace, you can add a small splash of color to these otherwise fashionable yet gloomy colors. It can serve as a small way to brighten up your outfit without seeming crass.

Multi-Stone Trendy Designer Style Necklace

Multi-Stone Trendy Designer Style Necklace