Are Tribal Looks In?

Looks come in and out, but is tribal in right now? While bright and colorful looks are all the rage, there is still some room for tribal looks on the runway. It’s a favorite for designers to play with, which may explain why tribal jewelry and styles never seem out of place.

Tribal Jewelry Picks

Celebrity Trendy Black Tribal Design Earrings

Celebrity Trendy Black Tribal Design Earrings

That being said, tribal is currently better as an accent then an overall theme to your look. The geometric shapes and bright colors that make the tribal look what it is can be a bit overwhelming when overdone. Tribal jewelry can add an interesting flair to an everyday outfit, while your tribal attire should be matched with accent solids like gold or red.

In the Envious Gems store, we now offer Celebrity Trendy Black Tribal Design Earrings($15) that feature the triangle trimming in the detail of the outer earring while the acrylic stones are

Celebrity Trendy Black And Blue Enameled Tribal Necklace

Celebrity Trendy Black And Blue Enameled Tribal Necklace

solid black. This provides a more subtle look that is hard to achieve in the tribal style, even while somewhat resembling ancient Aztec temples.

For a little more color, we also have the Celebrity Trendy Black and Blue Enameled Tribal Necklace with matching earrings ($25). With silver tones complementing the blue and black enamel design, these are a cool and collected tribal jewelry option that work in three sparkling rhinestones.

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Bright Meets Tribal Jewelry This Year

Two surprises hit the fashion world this year with the outbreak of tribal jewelry and prints from around the world. Animal stripes, oriental fashions and Native American-inspired styles have been seen up and down the runways and on the street.

For fashion overall this year, bright colors impacted nearly all style types and that holds true for tribal attire. Vivid colors and bold patterns are what to keep you eye on when you shop — how else could zebra print make it to the runway? A colorful piece such as the black and blue Enamel Tribal Necklace with matching earrings can bring a little tribal feel to your wardrobe.

The bold geometric shapes of that necklace and a few others in stock at Envious Gems really fit with in with the vibrant geometric shapes that have also cropped us this year. Check out this dress at Teen Vogue — it’s nearly an optical illusion! The diamond-shaped Enamel Tribal Necklace in red and black will draw attention.

While clashing patterns are seen on the runway, keep the materials in your ensemble at least all to a theme. Matching your African-style clothing to similar pattern types — a kimono does not mix well with tiger stripes, so keep these two popular styles separate.

If tribal jewelry isn’t really your style, oriental jewelry has also been seen amongst trendsetters. With the way the fashion world has been turning, you should know already that even oriental styles are vibrant. Add a little to your outfit with the colorful Protection Muse Health Necklace. The necklace sports a Chinese coin and beads made of black onyx and rose quartz that brings authenticity.

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