The Trendy Jewelry Difference

Celebrity Trendy Big Acrylic Stone Stretch Ring

Celebrity Trendy Big Acrylic Stone Stretch Ring

There are of course plenty of options when it comes to finding and wearing the jewelry you love, but is there really a difference between your run-of-the-mill jewelry and its trendy jewelry counterpart? Yes, there is a difference and you may not be aware of it.

Trendy jewelry is meant to meet the fashions of now and the upcoming year. Depending on how the fashion season turns, you may be able to wear your trendy jewelry in style for quite some time. But when a fad has passed and the colors and shapes of your trendy necklaces and earrings aren’t all the rage, do not fear.

There is a fashion phenomenon that you may have noticed, and we like to call it “vintage” or “retro,” but really it’s remembering how much we liked our old fashion favorites. Some wear ’80s era jewelry ironically, but the fact is that those bright colors, daring designs and cutting edge looks  that have been strutting down the runway in the last year or two all scream 1980s. Fashions come back and suddenly your out of date jewelry box is a treasure trove of retro looks — whether you decide to un-retire your favorite pieces later down the line or sell them as an authentically retro piece when the style becomes the rage once more.

You do have to keep care of your trendy jewelry if you want a chance of it living to good ol’ retro age. Generally, you can store your jewelry in a cool, dry, dark place and it will be fine, but feather jewelry, pearls and gold and silver jewelry do require a little care. If you aren’t wearing them on a regular basis, just make sure they won’t be damaged in the time between wearings. We have instructions on how to clean many types of jewelry in our blog archives (and linked above).