Borrowed from the Boys

Androgyny has always been a source of inspiration and intrigue over the years in fashion. We have seen this trend in almost every season, barely or always there. Women have raided their boyfriend’s or husband’s wardrobe for masculine pieces they can turn into fashionable feminine ones. Examples would be the plain or plaid button-down shirts, boyfriend jeans, v-neck tees, and men’s shoes like loafers, smoking slippers, sneakers and even combat boots.

This trend has sparked a lot of intrigue and interest which makes it fresh no matter how many times we see it every season. After all, it’s about mixing feminine and masculine attributes and making it work. It wasn’t just a fashion trend, but a lifestyle women braved.

Not a lot of women were open to this trend despite the fact that it is now widely accepted. Some make a conscious effort to include this style in their wardrobes, but some are still taking baby steps into trying it out. If you’re the latter and you’re clueless about how you can incorporate this into your everyday wear while still keeping a classy feminine look, then you’re in for a treat.

So, if you’re still not ready to board the androgynous ship and embrace your inner masculinity, then you can try out these leather wrap bracelets by Celebrity Trendy. Leather is known for its versatility. Both men and women have worn this material, whether in their outfits or accessories. If you’re looking for a gender-blurring or gender-neutral way to look dandy, then leather is your best bet. And you sure are in luck! These bracelets are available here at Shop Envious Gems for an affordable price!

BorrowedfromtheBoysThey come in two styles and in three classic neutral colors you can pair with any outfit. The Buckle Leather Wrap Bracelets come in Black and Gray with a gold buckle for that polished feminine look. These yummy arm candies are for only $30!

Leather_Wrap_BLK Leather_Wrap_GRY

 The Wide Leather Bracelet on the other hand, are in two colors: Brown and Black and has a gold stud closure. You can get these for only $25 each!

Wide_Leather_BLK Wide_Leather_BROWN

Shop Envious Gems always aims to cater to every type of fashionista out there, so we make it our duty to bring you the hottest trends every season. As we always say, we shop the world so you don’t have to. We believe in the power of accessories. We believe that it can give an outfit a different feel with each piece of earrings, necklace, bracelet, or ring you wear. What better way to try a trend out without going overboard than to accessorize, right?

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Wrap it up with oh-so-stylish bracelets

It’s the summer trend that keeps on going and going. Shop Envious Gems has a great collection of this year’s must-have accessory – the wrap bracelet.

The key to pulling off the wrap bracelet is to never let it party alone. These bracelets look their best when grouped with bangles and watches. You can expect to see bright-beaded wrap bracelets everywhere this season. The colors radiate summer, and look great with casual beach wear or your Sunday best. 24-inch bracelets are full of stunning turquoise, red, clear or white beads and are finished off with a gold-button closure that’s adjustable. These They typically retail for around $30, but Shop Envious Gems has them for just $18.TurquoiseWrap

The leather wrap bracelet is super edgy and modern. Perfected with a gold turn buckle closure, this wrap bracelet can be worn all summer and well into the fall. What’s not to love about that. These wraps retail for around $50, but you can get them at Shop Envious Gems for $30. bucklewrapThere’s nothing better than fun and trendy bracelets at affordable prices. Wrap bracelets with bright beads, big buckles and edgy leather are the perfect finishing piece to add to your summer accessory collection. We’ve got them all at Shop Envious Gems.

4 Top Celebrity Trendy Picks for November

The end of autumn is upon us and it’s hard to believe the year has blow by so fast! To get you ready for the beginning of the tumultuous holiday season, we’re rounding up our top 5 celebrity trendy picks for November that bring together the spirit and colors of this last month of fall.

1. Celebrity Trendy Braided Cross Wrap Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Braided Cross Wrap Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Braided Cross Wrap Bracelet

Combining red and gold tones, this wrap bracelet creates an instant layered look on your arm and showcases a gold tone 1.5-inch cross. The red and gold combination make this a perfect look for fall, and you can also wear it through the rest of the holiday season to January and it will always be a fashionable fit.

2. Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Earrings

Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Earrings

Celebrity Trendy Acrylic Stone Earrings

Looking for a little more red? Trendy earrings are a simple way to showcase a little color, even when you’re bundled up in a thick jacket and pants! Acrylic stones do not wear down easily like some gold and silver pairs, making these trendy earrings a great choice for harsh fall conditions (especially when travelling). They don’t dangle too low, but definitely add that autumn color to your look.

3. Geneva Platinum Limited Edition Watches

Black Neon Ceramic Watch

Celebrity Trendy Black Neon Ceramic Watch

When you’re wearing gloves or in a hurry, it can be a pain to dig out your cell phone just to check the time. This goes double if you have a touch screen and need to slip your gloves off just to activate it! While trendy watches may have passed their heyday, it doesn’t hurt to have a convenient want to check if you’re running late or right on time.

4. Autumn Beaded Gemstone Stretch Bracelet

Autumn Beaded Gemstone Stretch Bracelet from Monica & Me Designs

Autumn Beaded Gemstone Stretch Bracelet from Monica & Me Designs

From the Monica & Me of New York collection, the soft color combinations make this design perfect to be called “Autumn.” Using semi-precious gemstone beads, it has a sophisticated look that will draw attention. Every bracelet is a little different as the gemstones vary in shape slightly, so you can easily add a unique piece to your stash of trendy bracelets.

A Few More Trendy Jewelry Ideas for Casual Business Days

Whether it’s Friday or just an occasional event, many businesses have at least a few days out of the year where their employees can dress up casually, but that doesn’t give you permission to look like a slob. Let your personal fashion sense shine through even more than usual!

How do you dress up your casual get up? Trendy jewelry is a good place to start, as the right pieces can add a little class to your jeans and blouse getup. We talked last time about a few trendy necklaces that could help out your casual Friday wear, but what about trendy bracelets? We have a few suggestions for brightening your office day and bring a little more than business casual to the board room.

Celebrity Trendy Leather Chain Wrap Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Leather Chain Wrap Bracelet

Leather and gold jewelry is perfect for dressing up a casual look, as the warm tones give your look a more sophisticated style. The light brown leather and the bright gold tone chains on this trendy bracelet to the right make it a perfect candidate for casual Friday. But it doesn’t have to be warm tones alone that dress up what you wear — after all, you may be wearing something that requires darker tones to compliment or accent your outfit well.

Celebrity Trendy Buckle Leather Wrap Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Buckle Leather Wrap Bracelet

The black leather bracelets with gold tone buckle are the better bet if you want to dress up a darker ensemble. The formal look and simple design make this a perfect way to make a casual look a little less casual without actually taking anything away.

We also have a huge selection of trendy rings that will satisfy your need to accessorize on casual Friday (or any day, really). I especially love this new ring we got in that is pictured below. So cute and classy!

Celebrity Trendy Crystal Knuckle Stretch Ring in gold tone at Envious Gems

Celebrity Trendy Crystal Knuckle Stretch Ring

Stack Bracelets For A Cute, Layered Look

I gushed over my love of mixing leather and gold bracelets together in my last post, and here is why: I love the stacked bracelets look. The combinations available from even just a few pieces can be quite stunning.

Layering gold and leather bracelets up your arm is fantastic for a warm and traditional look, but there are also many other possibilities. Wrap bracelets provide an easy way to pull off the stacked armlet look without having to buy more than one. Trendy bracelets in this style wrap around the wrist multiple times, like this one:

Celebrity Trendy Leather Stone Wrap Bracelet

Black and Gold Leather Stone Wrap Bracelet

This wrap bracelet and the beige armlet we offer in the same style comfortably wraps around the forearm three times. You can also find bracelets that are met to be worn as a set on the same arm:

Celebrity Trendy Gold tone Multi Stone Bangle Bracelet Set

Gold tone Multi Stone Bangle Bracelet Set

The colors this bracelet set brings together make it an accessory for almost anything in your closet. I prefer to stick to solid colors when stacking bracelets, as I dislike the way certain textures mix, and that is why this bracelet set is so pleasing to the eye.

Not all bracelets are for layering though. When wearing a showpiece bracelet with complex designs and many in-set stones, that fantastic piece should not have to complete against other jewelry. Pieces like the one below are just so fitting by themselves that adding other bracelets around it only detracts from the overall look.

Alexis Multi Chain Leather Bracelet

Alexis Multi Chain Leather Bracelet

But a chain wrap bracelet like the one below would work just find when paired with other bracelets as the detailing is not nearly as small.

Celebrity Trendy Metal Bead Braided Cuff

Metal Bead Braided Cuff

There are two combinations I stay away from when I stack bracelets. The first is not mixing gold and silver jewelry. It just looks sloppy to me. The other is that only match beaded bracelets with other beaded bracelets or leather bracelets. While you might get away with a bracelet that uses very small beads, the big beaded bracelets just look cheap next to a gold tone armlet.

Gold and Leather Bracelets: A Perfect Combo

Some color combos are so well-matched that they become an instant classic when paired together. Two pieces of jewelry displaying such tones may appear ordinary when apart but create a look that is both pleasing to the eye and a little bit comforting.

That’s how I feel about gold and leather bracelets being paired together, anyway. Maybe its the meeting of two Old World materials — animal hide or leather has been in use for centuries and gold has been a driving force of both the creation and destruction of many a civilization for nearly as long. Or maybe its the generally warm tones leather and gold bracelets bring out in each other. There is just something comfortably stylish about gold and leather together.

Out of all the leather and gold bracelets we offer though, my favorite pairing is these two:

Celebrity Trendy Buckle Leather Wrap Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Buckle Leather Wrap Bracelet

Celebrity Trendy Gold tone Multi Stone Bangle Bracelet Set

Add some color with the Gold tone Multi Stone Bangle Bracelet Set

One of the fashion bloggers I follow, Grace Niu, recently posted a gold and leather bracelets combo that I absolutely love on her blog. I’ve seen her wear plenty of colorful bracelets as “arm candy,” but this is one of my favorite combos she has put together.

Even if you aren’t going to stack multiple bracelets together, having a single bracelet that combines leather and gold can also pull off the effect. This is actually one of our newest items, and I’m kind of excited. I love the different stone textures and colors:

Celebrity Trendy Leather Stone Wrap Bracelet

Leather Stone Wrap Bracelet

Leather bracelets for women don’t have to be in those brown, neutral tones all the time though. While the tan and beige leathers are a personal favorite, black leather and gold is also a nice mixture:

Celebrity Trendy Gold Plated Soft Leather Bracelet

Gold Plated Soft Leather Bracelet